Sunday, November 21, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese Pancakes

Two things I love: and This is Why You're Fat. And when This is Why You're Fat had this post I knew I had to try it out... is it bad that I got my food idea from a blog with that name? Don't answer that...

But my beloved allrecipes didn't have any help for me! Luckily the New York Times did, and I found this recipe with very little searching.

On to the execution! Besfran was dubious about the idea at first, but neither of us wanted to buy more food so close to going home for Thanksgiving break, and I needed to use up some milk, so we began. Ingredients, assemble! 
I had run out of sprinkle cheese a couple days ago, so we made do with stacking a bunch of sliced cheese and trying to grate it... 
it went better than expected...
Batter!  Besfran helps with eggs:
And, of course, simple pancakes are easy... you'd think...
I always was impatient, and mom does say the first pancake is for throwing away.  Or eating while you make the rest, if you're me.

I had planned to have step-by-step shots of the macaroni-and-cheese-ifying of the pancakes, but I didn't.  It's pretty simple, you sprinkle the noodles and cheese in the batter while the first side of the pancake is cooking, flip, and presto!
They're surprisingly tasty with syrup,
although some disagree.  The conversation with Besfran went something along the lines of
"Try them with syrup"
"um, no"
"Woman! Put syrup on that pancake!"
She didn't like it much that way, and they are good plain.

And, to finish, Besfran's attempt at an artsy food photo:

When I post at not 3 am, if that ever happens, perhaps I'll work on having more words than pictures.  But this works for me.  And maybe you, if you're visual, you may be, that's cool, some people are.


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