Sunday, November 21, 2010

Russian Cookery

Today was special, because The Russian decided that it would be a good day for the Russian House to have a Russian Thanksgiving. Not that Russians have thanksgiving, but we wanted to cook food and have a little break this weekend, so we had a nice, seasonal excuse. On the menu: crab salad, cake, kotleti (which are kind of like tiny Russian meatloafs), puree (really smooth mashed potatoes) and blini.

Besfran and I started out on the cakes. These are made with layered blini (Russian pancakes, like crepes but NOT crepes, please do not call them crepes, because they are Russian), strawberries, and a sour cream icing. That's just sour cream and powdered sugar mixed together. And it is delicious. We layered blin, then strawberries,

then sour cream icing
Here's a rare shot of Besfran putting icing on the cake and not eating it instead
Regardless of the amount of ingredients the both of us ate during construction, we ended up with quite the cake.  Go us!
The blini makers kept going, though, and we had lots extra after we ran out of strawberries.  There was lots of batter, so FlyBoy and Roomie had their work cut out for them.  The Russian supervises.
Action shot!  Blini cookery!  Spin that pan! We must have blini round like the sun!
Meanwhile, The Odd Couple was making kotleti... what would you call it?  Mash?  Batter?  Meat dough?
Ewwwwwww, squishy

And Besfran and I got in there to help. Things got messy
I will smell like garlic for weeks!

The kotleti got dredged in egg and flour, all ready for the oven
Meanwhile, someone made the crab salad... I didn't notice this happening, but it must have.  Doesn't it look delicious?  
Everything was ready except the kotleti!  Turns out they take way long to cook.

Delicious Russian thanksgiving dinner!  One big happy Russian House family at the table... some of it, anyway
And our cake looked beautiful, as did the kotleti!

Outtakes: we lost momentum halfway through, and Besfran, Rae, and I took a break and ate icing.
The Russian started out helping with kotleti until she realized she couldn't help anyone else if she did, because she was covered in meat batter (yes, that's what I'm calling it now).
That's all for now!  Guess I lied about a post with more text.  Bazinga!


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